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I use up all of my energy missing him and IT IS DRAINING.


It’s getting to the point where I hardly want to get out of bed and that’s the thing about being in a relationship that I hate. I hate how I allow myself to become so wrapped up into another person.

I need me back. I need to nurture her, love her and watch her grow. She needs to come before I…

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i do not wish introvertedness on anyone because as much as u love your solitude & find great pleasure in shutting others out, there will come a time where u want to be around people, and want to hang out with friends, or even have friends, and you’ll look around and there will be none. No one to turn to. But that solitude that you cherished so much. I’m glad i’m figuring this out early before it swallows me up.

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the baby’s side eye though

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Giants vs Eagles!!! hope my Giants win

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Tumblr really doesnt interest me anymore.

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South african artist Adesa Abeba via

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I greatly miss Soul Train. I feel this snapshot captures the essence of what this historic show was all about. Celebrating not only African American culture, but over the years, various cultures through music. In my opinion, one of the best shows to be televised for a large audience to see.

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